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In Stackoverflow’s post, How much do developers earn presents this shocking graph about compensation across first world countries.


The USA at all skill levels is compensates nearly double everyone else. As a digital nomad working remotely for an American company, this graph represents exactly why I will only work for American companies.

The more you earn, the better you can take care of your family.

When I meet freelaners from South East Asia, I am always surprised to hear that everyone uses websites like freelancer or upwork to find work. As a foreign worker myself, I would never touch those websites, because of the high competition and low budget deals. Employers will always choose the cheapest bid from India, because they care more about money than they do about building a website. Not the type of employer you want.

But the secret truth is:

Foreign companies WANT to pay more.

Just not the ones on upwork. A foreign company is offering $3,000,000USD for software engineers. Good luck finding work like that on Upwork.

Good employers want talented individuals to help them grow their business. They don’t want an Indian developer that underbids the project and then doesn’t follow through on the contract.

When I signed my first $100+ per hour contract, I didn’t find the job on Upwork or Freelancer.

The best deals come from places that no one else is looking or has access to. Anyone with a computer can signup and bid on jobs on freelancer. To be a succesful freelancer, you need access to contacts that no one else does.

Where to find these opportunities?

I want to provide for my family so they can have a safe and happy life. I only search for contracting opportunities with American or European companies, because I know they will compensate me farely for my work. I found my self spending many hours searching private job boards and posting sites to find these contracting deals.

I launched Foreign Freelance to help me and others stop wasting time competiting on freelancer and to help them find better employment opportunities.

Please take a look and let me know if you have any feedback at [email protected].

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