*no breakfast except for coffee with milk

6:30a - ⏰Alarm

I use an battery operated travel alarm clock instead of using my iPhone alarm, because I will get back in bed and start consuming news for 30+ minutes.

6:35a - 😁Basics

  • Brush teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Pre-Order Panera Coffee🚴‍♂️
  • Packup backpack with laptop(s)

7:05a - 🚴‍♂️Leave

  • Walk to the BCycle bike station
  • Bike to Panera (~15 minutes)

7:30a - ☕️Panera coffee shop

  • Review Emails
  • Review my tasks needed for work at Yelp
  • Complete Todoist tasks
  • Anki Flash cards
    • I am currently learning Sales techniques and Distributed computing

9:30a - 💪Gym

  • Fitness workout (5x per week)

10:40a - 🚴‍♂️Back home

  • Bike back home
  • Shower
  • Start work at Yelp #