Some things I’ve built

Fraud detection with Rails

Techniques I used to identify and shadow ban malicious users on a social network

yeet_dba gem

Automatically add foreign key constraints to your rails db.

Uber Outside Hack Winner

Uber’s blog about the project.

Stranded By Trump

Information site to help immigrants effected by Trump’s immigration bans.

Craftia (1st place ProtoHack Austin)

Craft social platform for Indian women. Craftia empowered Indian women start local crafting businesses by connecting them with other crafters.

Gathercam (1st place Startup Weekend 2014)

Photo aggregator via social media and hashtags for weddings and events

ChargeForward ($10,000 prize Winner FinApps 2014) youtube

Android Wear application for hands free credit card selection

SafetyNet (1st best public safety, 1st att webrtc prize, 2nd telerik prize at ATT hackathon)

Web operations platform for first responder managment.

Anonymous BTC SMS

Anonymously send and receive SMS messages with bitcoin.

Atlanta StartUp Jobs

See job postings from Atlanta’s top startups

App store linking service for small businesses trying to increase downloads


Android app to help you develop your meditation skills

Spark Start website

Natural Language Processing algorithm for improving Sear’s Review recommendations. Built on Apigee and NodeJs


Chat with me when I am gTalk. in alpha. Currently trying to port it to Meteor when I have time.

Focused Care Solutions

Monitor healthcare member’s health remotely


Bitcoin algorithm trading platform built in C# and RoR.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday Nights ticketing platform

Custom built ticketing platform with mobile app that processed over 200k tickets.

Ticketing platform for small events in Atlanta

Maintained Ruby on Rails Spree e-commerce store with customizable inventory

Crowdfunding platform

Simple crowdfunding platform

Startup weekend/hackathon projects